We are a tailored solution company specialising in Airline In-flight Services, Catering, Culinary Marketing, Menu designing, Food & beverage product development, Hotel and Restaurant design, planing and operations setting up, service and marketing support, Event planing and designing with implementation of end-to-end business decision making.
We work with your budget requirements, serve to your needs and after implementation we will be behind your product till its run by itself.

18+ years in developing and providing service to many successful businesses around the world!

HappyK Resume

“Chef happyK” of happyK solutions. Sri Lankan born Keerthi Hapugasdeniya graduated and started his hospitality career in Colombo then move to Switzerland and to Australia.
Now happyK solutions is one of the leading service providers to the Airline, hospitality and tourism industry.

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Our vision

Fly high, Break barriers and produce high quality to your company, happyK solutions is your partner in your business. We as a service and design provider with empowering you with the opportunity to make crucial business decisions through the power of collective ideas. Stated simply, that means we listen to your needs and implement your dream. We can listen to what your business needs and your financial needs, we have the necessary industry knowledge to deliver measurable value to you. We provide the solutions you need because we are expertise in the latest state-of-the-art contemporary fields.

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More than just cooking

HappyK solutions, is more than just chefs or cooks, we are experts and masters in the industry and we have proven our services to various clients now for over 16 years.
We are masters of large to small food and beverage and catering operations, we support your safety and HACCP systems, we design your dream restaurant or your dream hotel with your budget, we will upgrade your current business to the next level, we conduct proper training to your team and bring them to the current world standards.

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Our methodology

Knowing what to do is not enough to ensure your project to be successful. Knowing what to do and how to do it is the key to success. This is why we have developed our own methodology for implementation of decision support solutions. A methodology based on our proven experience, and adapted to the implementation of successful solutions.

International Events

We design international hospitality and tourism events and have sucsussfull executed in the past and ongoing. Asia Pacific On Board Travel, World Longest Spring roll, World Largest tea party, World Smallest wedding cake, International Food Tourism Forum, Hoi An International Food Festival are few of our creations.