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Welcome to happyK Solutions, the premier service provider for in-flight services, catering, and food tourism. Our founder, Mr. Keerthi Hapugasdeniya, also known as Chef happyK, is a Sri Lankan-born culinary expert who has made a significant impact in the airline in-flight services, tourism, and hospitality industry.

Chef happyK launched his career in Colombo, then expanded to Switzerland and Australia, establishing a reputation for excellence in culinary arts and business development. As an award-winning chef, he has won numerous international culinary competitions, including the Culinary Olympics.

His culinary journey has led him to open restaurants in Australia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, showcasing his unique blend of innovative and traditional cuisine. Besides his culinary endeavors, Chef happyK has been a prominent figure in promoting Australian food, representing the country in various international food promotions.

He further extends his culinary reach through his popular cooking show, 'Culinary Corner,' aired every Sunday on Melbourne TV for over a decade. His consultancy company, based in Australia, has been expanding its services globally, collaborating with various companies in Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

At happyK solutions, our vision is to empower you, our partner and customer, with the ability to make crucial business decisions. We provide cost-effective, results-driven solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our expertise in the latest contemporary fields, we can deliver the business solutions you need today, not tomorrow.

We work closely with your team, ensuring knowledge transfer and providing solutions without bias. Join us as we continue to break barriers, fly high, and produce quality.

23+ years in developing and providing services to many successful businesses around the world!

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happyK resume

“Chef happyK” of happyK solutions. Sri Lankan-born Keerthi Hapugasdeniya graduated and started his hospitality career in Colombo then move to Switzerland and to Australia.

Now happyK solutions are one of the leading service providers to the Airline, hospitality, and tourism industry.

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vietnam arm

Food & Beverage Consultancy, Airline Inflight Service Specialists, Hospitality Business Development, Airline Catering and Inflight Product development, Cabin Crew and inflight services training, Data Management and Marketing solutions, Airline services enhance and new development, Food safety, HACCP and HALAL, Large catering service and business development, Culinary judging, Menu planing to all food industry sectors including airlines, Restaurant design and implementation, Event planing and organising, Community event design, Tourism and destination promotion planing, Culinary marketing and TV demonstrations

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our vision

Fly high, break barriers and produce high quality to your company, happyK solutions is your partner in your business. We as a service and design provider with empowering you with the opportunity to make crucial business decisions through the power of collective ideas. Stated simply, that means we listen to your needs and implement your dream. We can listen to what your business needs and your financial needs, we have the necessary industry knowledge to deliver measurable value to you. We provide the solutions you need because we are expertise in the latest state-of-the-art contemporary fields.

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more than just cooking

HappyK solutions, is more than just chefs or cooks, we are experts and masters in the industry and we have proven our services to various clients now for over 19 years.
We are masters of large to small food and beverage and catering operations, we support your safety and HACCP systems, we design your dream Catering facilities, commercial kitchens, restaurant, or your dream hotel with your budget, we will upgrade your current business to the next level, we conduct proper training to your team and bring them to the current world standards.

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our methodology

Knowing what to do is not enough to ensure your project to be successful. Knowing what to do and how to do it is the key to success. This is why we have developed our own methodology for implementation of decision support solutions. A methodology based on our proven experience, and adapted to the implementation of successful solutions.

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international events

We design international hospitality and tourism events and have sucsussfull executed in the past and ongoing. Asia Pacific On Board Travel, World Longest Spring roll, World Largest tea party, World Smallest wedding cake, International Food Tourism Forum, Hoi An International Food Festival are few of our creations.

Culinary Videos

Watch and subscribe video of Chef happyK

New Airline Catering Production Facility – Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

State-of-the-art catering facility including a fully functional kitchen with a capacity of preparing 15-20 thousand meals per day. Fully certified HALAL and HACCP

In- Flight services and Catering facility – Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Full access to the SGN International Airport to cater any type of aircraft types, Fully Certified with HACCP and HALAL.

House of Hoi an Restaurant 1 & 2 – Melbourne, Australia

Wangediya Restaurant – Colombo – Sri Lanka

Coi Va Chay Asian Street Food Restaurant – Danang – Vietnam

Hoi An Vegan restaurant
Plant base food heaven
In the heart of Ho Chi Minh City

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K-trust kit is design to attract traveler where all wellbeing requirements met in one elegant bag. Especially design for men and woman. it contains Sanitizer for your hand and surface in an elegant bottle with a hint of lemongrass aroma. Also it comes with set of hand gloves, and medically approved re-usable linen face mask.