Our expertise

happyK solution, is a consultants specializing in design and implementation of end-to-end
solutions to the Hospitality and tourism industry.
At happyK solutions we understand what the business needs of your company.
No matter what the latest buzzwords in the industry, one thing is for certain we are their to adopt
and implement in your business.
All decision support concepts revolves around efficiency and managing cost effectively, we are
their to show this at your business. managing and redesigning the flow of your organisation
would help you to improve and reduce your ongoing cost.
This will give you the advantage to to compete with your you competitors.
happyK solutions are qualified assessors, to certify Certificate III, IV and Diploma in Tourisum
Hospitality and Events, We conduct offshore certification process with short courses. We
conduct Master classes in food and beverage where ever you request.
Contact us to learn more about our offshore education certificates for hospitality industry from
Australian universities and academies.
happyK solutions conduct culinary competition training and classes with medal winning chefs
from all corners of the world

Services and its creations
1. Catering and Hotel Management
2. Medal winning culinary Olympian
3. Business Manager.
4. Airline In-flight services food and beverage designer.
5. Quality assurance management in large catering operations.
6. Work experience – Australia, Europe and Asia
7. Multicultural, religious and medical food experts.
8. Restaurant, Hospitality and Culinary jury / Judge – National and International events
9. Food, beverage and tourism event coordinator
10. Publication and television media ideas for tourism hospitality and culinary events.
11. Professional Chef
12. Microbiologists
13. HACCP Programmers with updated accreditation
14. HALAL accredited trainers and certifiers.
15. Food Safety and Hygiene Auditors
16. Food presenters and cooking demonstrators

See what we can do for you

Overall, happyK's diverse businesses exemplify its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction across different sectors.

Airline catering & in-flight business

happyK specializes in airline catering and in-flight business solutions, offering a wide range of culinary options and services tailored to enhance the inflight experience. From premium meals to snacks and beverages, happyK ensures top-quality catering to meet the diverse preferences of passengers. Additionally, their in-flight business initiatives include the sale of duty-free items and innovative onboard retail experiences, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable journey for travelers.

Restaurant business

happyK's restaurant business is renowned for its commitment to culinary excellence and exceptional dining experiences. With a diverse portfolio of restaurants spanning various cuisines and dining concepts, HappyK caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From fine dining establishments serving gourmet cuisine to casual eateries offering delicious comfort food, HappyK's restaurants prioritize quality ingredients, innovative flavors, and impeccable service.

"private parties at your place”
We come to your location and do your VIP private parties.
Your Caravan, your boat, your holiday home, your private jet, or your own home.
Well known TV or Celebrity becomes your family for the event.
We will design your memorable private event as your dream.
We will do shopping with you or will do shopping to your needs.
Will manage your privacy and confidentiality.

Hospitality business

happyK is a leader in hospitality management. For over sixteen years, our customers have gain
advantages to be success in the industry. Not only we design food and beverage concepts, we
also support our customers to negotiate contracts.
We associate with many hotels, resorts, full service restaurants, franchise operations, institutional
kitchens and entertainment venues around the world.
And our on-site custom design management programs gives our clients, partners the freedom and
flexibility to focus on goals that extend beyond day-to-day operations. Our programs and
services are custom-designed based on each client and partner’s unique needs.
As a management company, happyK employs hundreds of permanent as well as seasonal staff
members at various work sites throughout different countries.
Our client partners include hotels and resorts, full service restaurants, fast dining franchises, food
and beverage/catering, casinos, ski resorts, theme parks, retail, convenience stores, warehouses,
shipping, and more.
Our clients’ goals are the core of our existence.

Beyond 6 stars
Company for refine, re develop, re thinking increase mind set values - mentoring and re designing of hospitality groups.

Other businesses

HappyK extends its brand into retail and consumer goods, offering a range of food products, beverages, and merchandise through various distribution channels. Their products reflect their commitment to quality and innovation, catering to discerning consumers' tastes and preferences.

Catering and Hotel Management

HappyK is a renowned leader in hospitality management, serving clients for over sixteen years with a focus on fostering success in the industry. Offering tailored food and beverage concepts and contract negotiation support, we collaborate with a diverse range of establishments worldwide, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Our customizable on-site management programs empower clients and partners to pursue goals beyond day-to-day operations. With a dedicated team of permanent and seasonal staff across multiple countries, we cater to a wide array of industries, prioritizing our clients' objectives above all else.