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A tray with food and juice on it
A group of people standing around a table with food.
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A plate of food on top of a table.
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Activities and list of services

Food & Beverage Consultancy, Airline Inflight Service Specialists, Hospitality Business Development, Airline Catering and Inflight Product development, Cabin Crew and inflight services training, Data Management and Marketing solutions, Airline services enhance and new development, Food safety, HACCP and HALAL, Large catering service and business development, Culinary judging, Menu planning to all food industry sectors including airlines, Restaurant design and implementation, Event planning and organising, Community event design, Tourism and destination promotion planning, Culinary marketing and TV demonstrations

Unique or high end products from around the world, Abalone from Australia, Caviar from Russia, Olive products from Italy, Tea from Sri Lanka, Pasta from Italy


Inflight Services
menu planning
catering design and setting up
menu presentations
food costing and margin management
product design
service procedures and design
data management
training – cabin crew, catering crew
service design


Our training programs are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various aspects of life. Whether you're a cooking enthusiast, a professional seeking interview preparation, or someone interested in enhancing their social skills, we have the perfect training solution for you.


Food and beverage planning and design
new concept and design (restaurants, hotels/restaurants and entertainment)
cooking and restaurant staff training
audits and reports
product design for all foo industry (restaurants, outlets, retail and all food service sectors
setting up restaurant and manage
staff sourcing and training
hospitality related tourism activities design, organise and implement
tv cooking products marketing

Culinary Delights

Unique or high end products from around the world
abalone from Australia
caviar from Russia
olive products from Italy
tea from Sri Lanka
pasta from Italy
design and produce local food products to the international markets

Packaging Solutions

A flowchart of the organizational structure for an office.