APOT.Asia Pty Ltd - The place you need to go to meet Airline, in-flight services or caterers, hotel services teams or product manufacturers and suppliers or the travel consultants.


Oztucker Pty Ltd - At Oztucker Pty Ltd we manufacturer food and beverage products to suit your clients requirements, we design and select products from all over the world to meet your business needs.

Cargo Spices

Cargo Spices Pty Ltd - Cargo Spices (Aust) Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne Australia we are experts in manufacturing authentic premixes, our products mainly supply to large kitchens, manufacturers, catering operations including many airlines and caterers around the world.

Top Cut Foods

Through our world class facilities across Australia and overseas, we produce and distribute an extensive range of protein-based foods, primarily fresh beef, lamb, pork, and poultry, game, small-goods, and processed products.

Alpha Flight Australia

Alpha is committed to delivering innovative solutions for our airline customers with an ability to step change customer satisfaction alongside commercial targets.

Frankenburg Frozen Meals

Since 1985 Frankenberg’s main activity has been the development and manufacture of frozen meals for the In-flight Industry. Each meal or component has been developed to the specific needs of the airline or caterer.

Our trusted Partners

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