Our expertise

happyK solution, is a consulting group specializing in design and implementation of end-to-end solutions, including your employment ideas.

At happyK solutions we understand what the business needs of your company are.
No matter what the latest buzzwords in the industry are, one thing is for certain: all decision support concepts revolve around efficiency and managing the flow of your organization.
This is the advantage you will have on your competitors.

happyK solutions qualified assessors to certify Certificate III, IV and Diploma in Tourisum Hospitality and Events
We conduct offshore certification with short courses. We conduct Master classes in food and beverage.

Contact us to learn more about our offshore education certificates for hospitality industry from Australian universities and academies.

happyK solutions conduct culinary competition classes with medal winning chefs from all corners of the world.

Catering and Inflight Services
Cooking classes & training
Product development
Hotel Management
Event management
Competition Judging