HappyK Resume

Keyword Summary:

  • Key Professional and Technical Competencies
  • International Executive Chef/Catering and Business Management.
  • Negotiation Skills, Leading Skills, Relationship Building Skills.

TV - cooking show
Channel 31 “Culinary Corner” twice weekly TV show - http://www.youtube.com/user/chefhappyk/videos

International Panel Judge (Airlines):
Onboard Hospitality - http://www.onboardhospitality.com/meet-the-judges/
Mercury Award - http://sialme.com/the-mercurys

Food review
Australia food trends – Onboard Magazine
Hospitality Magazine - Airline Correspondent
Serendib News - Restaurant review

Clients and Services:

  1. Founder and CEO - Hoi An International Food Festival - http://www.hoianinternationalfoodfestival.com/
  2. Founder and CEO - Asia Pacific Onboard Travel - http://apot.asia/
  3. Group CEO - Taste Vietnam Group - http://msvy-tastevietnam.com/
  4. Partner Owner - CEO http://www.houseofhoian.com/
    1. Air Asia X Long Haul Low Cost carrier based in Malaysia – Global Catering Consultant
    2. Strategic Airlines – new concept development, menu planning product sourcing and cabin crew culinary training
    3. Virgin Blue / Pacific Blue - Menu planning, Product sourcing, Presentation and Quality assurance
    4. Malaysia Airlines – Menu planning, product development, implementation and Quality assurance.
    5. In-flight Logistic Services (AUS and NZ)- Menu planning, Product sourcing, Presentation and Quality assurance
    6. Etihad Airlines – Quality Assurance and food Auditor Australia Stations
    7. Alpha Flight Services - Contract negotiation, Menu planning, Product sourcing, Presentation and Quality assurance
    8. Eynsbury Golf Club / Glenroy Golf Club - Concept development, Food and Beverage outlet set up, maintain and manage operation including staffing
    9. Various Airlines at short term contracts - Menu planning and Product sourcing
    10. Short term - Product development and marketing – for many small businesses in Victoria

    Australian Culinary Federation:
    1. National Business Manager – 2001 to 2004
    2. Demonstrate and promote the value of the ACF to its current members and prospective suppliers. Manage the business portfolio and budget control. Build relationships with new clients.
    3. Manage Junior Australian Culinary team to Food Asia held in Singapore and won Gold Medal for Australia in 2002.

    The Australian:
    1. Celebrity chef - Australian food promotion – China - Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin
    2. Celebrity chef - Australian bush food promotion - Sri Lanka
    3. Team Manager / Celebrity chef - Australian Food promotion at Commonwealth Games - Malaysia
    4. Team Member - Australian National team Culinary Olympics 1996, 2000 - Berlin & Erfurt - Germany
    5. Team member and trainer - Golden Hours Shoe team Canada - Culinary World Cup - Luxemburg
    6. Culinary Corner - TV Chef - Australia - Victoria
    7. Australian menu designer - Malaysian Airlines
    8. Culinary Olympics - Gold, Silver, and Bronze
    9. Team Manager - Junior Challenge Food Asia - won Gold Medal - Singapore
    10. Appeared in Great 100 chefs in Australia cook book 1, Book 2, Book 3 and Book 4

    Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment in Training and Education
    Certificate III Certificate IV and Diploma in Hospitality in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events
    Australian Education Academy - 2011-2012
    Melbourne, Victoria

    Diploma in Business Management
    Kangan Batman Campus - 2001

    Swiss Hotel Association
    Zurich, CH. 1988
    Certificate in Cookery

    Claremont Hotel School
    Colombo, SL. 1983
    Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management
    Sri Lanka

    Professional Affiliations:
    Food manufacturers
    Hospitality Establishments

    Career Highlights
    * Culinary Judge National and International
    * Culinary competition trainer/advisor
    * Represent Culinary world cup 2006 in Laxenburg won Bronze medal
    * Represent Australia at Culinary Olympics 1996/2000 in Germany and won individual One Gold, Two Silver, Two bronze
    * Team leader Manager to represent Australia at Commonwealth Games International Food Festival Malaysia 1998
    * Vice Caption Australian National Team and represent at food Asia 2000 Singapore and won Bronze Medal.
    * Culinary awards National and International - Chef of the year, Super gold medals, Gold Medals, Silver medals, Bronze Medals, Best student hotel school

    Honorary Member:
    World Chefs Association - WACS
    United Arab of Emirates culinary association - UAE
    Sri Lanka Chefs Guild - Sri Lanka
    The city of Qan Nam and Hoi An Peoples committee
    Greece Chefs Association - Greece
    Golden Horseshoe Culinary Chapter, Ontario, Canada
    Saudi Arabian Chefs Table - Dubai

    World Records:
    Longest Spring Roll in the world - Danang, Vietnam 2014
    Largest Tea Party in the world - Kandy, Sri Lanka 2015
    Smallest Wedding Cake - Colombo, Sri Lanka 2016

    Ansett Australia
    Catering Assurance Manager Australia (1996 -2001)
    Ansett Australia In-flight Services Department responsible for total in-flight product design and control. Key Member responsible for all Australian main catering ports.

    National coordinating Chef (1994-1996)
    Menu planning & development -full planning & presentation of new menus to International & Domestic airlines. Procurement of products nationally. Communicate International & Domestic food and beverage policies with other departments, catering operators, kitchens, customer airlines, media, and customers.

    Control – Food cost, quality of the products and kitchen audits, conduct and control of standards of manuals. organizing catering for other airlines and charter flights. Represent National Executive Chef.

    Specialist Airline Chef (1989-1994)
    Chef in charge for International Airlines at the Catering unit provides catering for Ansett International, Ansett Australia, United Airlines, Britannia Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Kendall Airlines and many charter airlines.

    Hotels - various places around the world:
    * Melbourne, Zurich, Colombo
    * Cook - Chef (1983 - 1989)
    * Five-star hotels and restaurants - Australia, Switzerland and Sri Lanka.
    * Melbourne - Regent Hotel - Chef De Partie.
    * Zurich - Bahnoff Buffet - Chef De Partie.
    * Colombo - Hilton International Colombo -Demi Chef de partie.
    * Colombo - Inter-Continental Hotel - Commis Cook and trainee, Restaurant and bar waiter.

Chef HappyK
International Awards
Hoi An International Food Festival
Celebrity Chef - Food Festival China
Olympic 2000 National Team
Culinary competition Judging
Cabin Crew Training
Product Development
Training classes
Inflight Services Concept development
Cooking Demonstrations
TV cooking show
Founder CEO APOT.Asia
Food styling
Aussie Promotions China
TV Cooking with Master Chefs
Culinary World Cup with Canadians
VIP Function Co-ordination
VVIP charter flight Catering
Product Development
Australian Food Promotion China
Longest Spring Roll in the world
Largest Tea Party in the world
Smallest wedding cake in the world