About Us

HappyK solutions - The In-flight services and culinary experts.

We are a tailored solution company specialising in Airline In-flight Services, Catering, Culinary Marketing, Menu designing and Product development with implementation of end-to-end decision making with products and service support.

We work with your budgets and serve to your needs and after services we will be in behind to maintain your product quality.

Our methodology

Knowing what to do is not enough to ensure your project is successful.
Knowing what to do and how to do it is the key to success.
This is why we have developed our own methodology for .......

More than just cooking

HappyK solutions, is more than just chefs we are experts and masters in the industry and we have proven our services to various clients now for over 10 years.
We are masters of large to small food and beverage and catering operations, we support your safety and HACCP systems.

Our vision

Fly high, Break barriers and produce quality
happyK solutions is your partner, our customer, empowering you with the opportunity to make crucial business decisions through the power of collective ideas. Stated simply, that means we listen. We can listen to what your .....

HappyK Resume

"Chef happyK" of happyK solutions.
Sri Lankan born Keerthi graduated and started his career in Colombo then moving to Switzerland and to Australia.
happyK solutions is one of the leading service providers to the Airline and hospitality industry.

Culinary Videos

Watch Video of Chef happyK adventures and some CH 31 TV programs